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Grape bagging method
Grape fruit after thinning fruit can be set in the plastic bag. When the temperature is not high, low humidity, germs power difference, is good for the ear is not carrying bag.
Grape varieties around the region, regional climate, management and other factors, customers can operate according to the actual situation. A day in the bag of the best time in the afternoon after 16, this time the temperature is low, the grape can adapt to the temperature inside the bag, not easy to produce sunburn. Depending on the location of the ear should have different bagging methods. In vine peripheral strong sunlight bagged grape, the white side outwards, prevent sunburn, need to paint the transparent surface turned color when grapes have been adapted to the bag in the growth environment, fast color. Under the tree and the tree in the middle of the backlight of ear weak sunlight grapes, transparent surface should be toward the sun, grape like this sufficient daylighting, can achieve better color effect. Can also be adjusted according to the time of the market to adjust the direction of the bag to control the grape ripening time, to achieve partial color, batch picking. Grape bagging grapes directly with bags harvest, transportation, sales, not only beautiful and can increase the excellent fruit rate, consumers can also taste the real healthy green fruit.